Over the years, I’ve altered this blog to serve a variety of moods. Right now: Resistance. I keep my full name hidden because I’m bashful and somewhat paranoid.

I write for several reasons: I have no arts or crafts skills, but I like to express myself; my life has many constraints, but I can fit writing moments in and around those constraints; writing helps me to think through issues that I don’t fully understand yet; writing prompts me to research background information and divergent points of view. All good!

My writing is sporadic, but if you subscribe to this blog, you’ll get a notice when I post a new article. Saves you the trouble of checking in when I’m not posting often.

The spectacular picture above was taken from the top of Sauk Mt. in Skagit County, WA. For ten delightful years, this was my backyard. I miss the night sky, watching the snow level rise and fall for half the year, birds, fresh air, growing food, and many more things. But I love the city, too. I’m sad that too many people seem unable to love both the country and the city.

Oh – one more thing: please comment now and then. You can use a screen name if you’re bashful like me. I will see your email address, but it’s not public.