Blog Tips

Thanks for reading my blog!

You can help me out without paying me a dime. I have no Patreon account. I have no merchandise to sell. So keep your wallet in your pocket. But you can still help in other ways.

Did you know that bloggers crave comments? Yes, truly. Comments can be long or short, and it’s great if you comment on comments. Surprisingly few people leave comments, but I love them. Other bloggers do, too. I have a very small audience, so I basically write for myself. But I always hope to stimulate some discussion.

Share my posts with others who might be interested. A few of you have done that, and thank you very much. If you have Twitter or Facebook or other accounts, share links that way. Email works, too. If you have a WordPress account, “like” a post now and then.

If you follow other blogs that stimulate your mind, share a link with me. Maybe you have a blog. Share the link. Suggest books or podcasts related to topics.