Written in Concrete Archives

A friend and I used to publish a community blog in the upper Skagit valley. Our town of Concrete was the commercial center for upriver residents, so we called the blog “Written in Concrete. It lasted for about two year and a half years before we both moved away.

When my friend and I stopped publishing Written in Concrete, we naively abandoned both the .com and wordpress.com web addresses. Unfortunately, both writteninconcrete.com and writteninconcrete.wordpress.com were kidnapped by people with nefarious motives. The .com became a German language blog with content that had nothing to do with the Upper Skagit Valley.  The wordpress.com site morphed into a single scandalous page that must have shocked any prior readers of our blog. Most unfortunate.

I loved the Written in Concrete project, so I’ve decided to try to link back to a number of our earlier posts. Many were just about ordinary aspects of living in a rural area. But while we were there, Concrete went through a Muslim crisis. A teacher said something in class about Muslims and the Holocaust; a student related it to her Muslim father; CAIR became involved; ACT for America became involved; it got pretty ugly and lasted for months. So several of our posts related to that ruckus.

To see some of these old posts, try this link: Written in Concrete Archives