Tracking the Resistance, Finding Events

So far, I’ve attended the Womxn’s March Seattle that wonderful day after the inauguration; I’ve gone (with my husband – a rare event) to Westlake Park the weekend the Muslim Ban disrupted the world of travel; and I’ve made several, though not daily,  calls to the offices of Murray, Cantwell, and Jayapal. During this time, we’ve been moving into a retirement home while continuing our multi-year downsizing effort, I’m trying to keep us afloat financially during this transition, and I’ve been drawn to any number of meetings and presentations in our new community.

I’m also trying to make this old blog useful for our new era of Resistance! I’ve revamped the links in order to connect readers to a variety of organizations that are tracking local marches and meetings that offer opportunities to learn about issues and employ our first amendment rights to speak and assemble. Here are a few things I’ve found useful.

Resistbot is a service that makes it easy to send a fax to your representatives in DC. If you know how to text on a cell phone, you can do this! Text to 50409 with the word “resist” as the message. You’ll then get prompts asking for your name and address in order to identify your senators and representative. Then you can compose your message. When finished, you’ll be asked if you want to edit or add more. When your message is complete, the bot will transform it into faxes to DC. Give it a try!

MEETUP.COM Resist: Seattle
If you’re living in a retirement community that hosts more meetings than you could ever attend, you might not have discovered But if you’ve even been new to a city, it’s a great way to find people with similar interests. Fortunately for us, someone is making use of MeetUp as a way to connect to the Resistance. Simply go to the website and search for  Resist Seattle (or use the handy link on the right). This will take you to a page with lots of information. If you create an account, you’ll get notices about new events.

If you went to one of the many sites hosting the ACLU web  event last Saturday, you’ve learned that  the ACLU is rather new to the experience of “organizing” as in organizing grass roots support for its various efforts. Mostly, they have experience in organizing legal actions to preserve our rights under the constitution. However, after the election money poured into the ACLU, people signed up in droves, and now they are hustling to make use of all that energy. is their attempt to connect people with local events. These are not events organized by the ACLU; rather, they are events organized by individuals or local groups that relate to the ACLUs objectives. The site is becoming useful as people notify the ACLU of events and these get posted to their site. Check it out, also.

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If you know of other tools the aren’t listed in the links or referred to here, please let me know via a comment, and I’ll add them.






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