Blasphemy on Facebook

I’m not on Facebook, so I don’t know how often blasphemous writings appear there. It seems, however, that Facebook is very accommodating to people who are offended by certain posts, and that includes an army of people who want to censor any material coming from Ex-Muslims and Atheists. After tiring of fighting to get themselves and many other writers back online, Ex-Muslims of North America has composed a letter to Facebook administrators asking them to “whitelist” individuals and organizations that are routinely targeted by self-appointed blasphemy police.

Here’s a link to the letter. If you use Facebook, even occasionally, I urge you to read the letter, add your name in support, mention this in a post, and/or forward this post to many friends asking them to support this request.

It seems that countries with laws against blasphemy are not our only challenge in this new era of online communications. I follow a number of Ex-Muslims and reform Muslims who have blogs or are on Twitter. It’s refreshing to know that they’re out there energetically supporting the right to free speech.


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