Apple Care Trust Hearing Jan. 16

Gee, it sure helps if “my” party is in power. No sooner did I send a message to Olympia, than I got a letter back saying that SB 5701 will get a hearing in the Senate. Next Tuesday, January 16, the Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee will hold a hearing for this and several other bills. Here’s a link to the agenda for the 10:00 am hearing: Committee Work Session Jan. 16. A rally is scheduled for that day, so some of you may be able to attend. All of the items on the agenda are interesting; click each one to learn more about them.

When I sent my original message asking for hearings for HB 1026 and SB 5701, I had the option before sending to ask for a reply, so I clicked it. This news today comes from my reply from Frank Chopp. I got one earlier notice that the committee names had changed in both the House and the Senate, and I expect to get another notice about the committee hearing. It’s been a long time since I’ve tracked bills this way, so we’ll see how it works this year.

After the hearing, some information about comments should be added to the bill information. If you’re using the legislature’s website to track this or other bills, let me know how it’s working for you.

1 thought on “Apple Care Trust Hearing Jan. 16

  1. Digest SB5701: Creates the Washington apple care trust as an agency of
    state government to provide coverage for a set of health services for all residents.
    Creates the reserve account, the displaced worker training account, and the benefits account. I hope you are going to the rally. Lou

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