Hey there, it’s Me!

Folks, we are not alone. I feel more encouraged than I have for a long time. Honestly, I wasn’t sure that Americans were up to the task of resisting Trump and the Rs, but I’m seeing cause for optimism.

This blog is one that I’ve played with off and on over the years, but I’m reworking it to see if it can be a resource for us in 2017. I write, more in some years than others. Some of what I write I post online. No one notices, but it’s out there, and I’ve found that the blog format enables me to keep track of some of my musings.

Lately, I’ve wanted to write down opinions and reactions to news and events in hopes of stirring up a bit of conversation. I’ve also found some online resources that we can use such as calendars of protest events and guidance on how to resist effectively.

I don’t expect friends to read everything I write, but if you click the “follow” icon, you can enter your email address and receive a note when I post something new. Read it or not, but if you do, please offer comments from time to time. Also, if you bookmark this blog, you can return to it for links to the resources.

I’m happy to add links that you consider valuable, so please send a note when you find something. If you enjoy writing, it’s easy enough to create your own blog, and I’d be glad to link to it. I know that blogs are old-fashioned and have been overtaken by Facebook and snapchat and other media. But for me, this format allows me to focus on a thought, fret about it for a while, edit and re-edit, then put it out there and hope for some feedback.

The URL for the blog is: saukcityblog.wordpress.com
Sauk City was the Skagit neighborhood we inhabited for ten years. It’s not on a map, but being there was a good experience. We learned so much that we could never have learned by just driving through on our way to the mountains.

If you have a Twitter account, you can find me @anncantweet
You’ll notice that I’m a bit bashful and don’t use the name you know me by. Here, I’m Lighten Up! and on Twitter I’m Ann Green, names from my childhood. It’s starting to seem like a good time to get out there with my real/current name, though. Thinking on it.



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