Vox = Fair, Balanced?

Where do you go for “fair and balanced” news? Or do you even look for fair and balanced news?

Recently I found myself clicking around at Federalist.com, an interesting collection of opinions that I mostly don’t agree with. However, most of the articles I read were written in a somewhat civil tone with some sort of reasoning behind the opinions. I will come back to the Federalist because I need to read and think more first, but today I want to share an article from Vox about the court battle over the immigration ban Executive Order.

I turn to Vox for background on issues like this. It’s not a breaking news site, but I like their ability to pull together good background information quickly, and it’s liberal but not unwilling to challenge liberal thinking. They earn a star for “fair and balanced” in my list of sources. Bottom line: winning this battle isĀ possible, but not guaranteed.

Legal Battle over Immigration Ban Explained

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