Go it Alone? or Join Up?

By sharing information via email, we’ve learned that online petitions are nearly useless, but phone calls (and faxes when phone lines are shut down) to Congress can have an impact. We can do those calls from home with relatively little inconvenience, but is that enough? Do we need to meet up with others to have a greater impact?

Over the course of my 70+ years, I’ve linked up with like-minded individuals at different times, and I do think that groups with a strong focus and some minimal organization can have a real impact. Still, I’m often frustrated with groups and find the process of sifting through options and agreeing on a course of action tedious. I’m hesitant to join anything. I’ve occasionally been active in the Democratic Party, but never for long. Instead, I’ve worked with groups with a more narrow focus for a few years at a time in order to work on an issue that’s important to me.

This year is such a challenge. I don’t have the energy to really do a lot of work. Yet, I feel like we’re in the midst of an earthquake that won’t quit. The good news is that there are many younger people who are revved up and more able to respond to today’s challenges.

For those of you who have some time and energy and are not moving, yet again, please click through the links here to see which ones offer options that you can use to #RESIST. I’d love some feedback on what you find.

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