For You, Dr. King

Today is Dr. King’s birthday, a national holiday, and the occasion of many events in the metro area. I won’t be at any of them. Had I not invited a friend to spend the day here with me, I like to think that I might have found one to attend, but in all honesty I’ve rarely done so in the past. I did, however, find a resource that could help those of us who are pondering the legacy of Dr. King from the comfort of our homes.

As a result of many conversations about race, the staff of The Seattle Times started a project called “Under Our Skin.” It is an effort to reach out to a diverse group of individuals to get their reactions to some of the words and phrases that are heard today in discussions about our divided society. If you’re wanting to spend some quality time online, this would be a great place to do so today. You won’t agree with everyone, but this project might help you sort out some of your own thoughts about current race jargon and racial issues.

Does this site work for you as it did for me? Under Our Skin

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