Pink: More than a Color!

And you thought pink was just a color, didn’t you? Perhaps you even thought it was an annoying color because your child or grandchild was so fixated on pink that you thought you’d never see another color ever! Little did you know that pink is a symbol of power, purpose, and persistence to be exact. Go PINK!

Strong women and supporters of strong women, many decked out in pink hats and other pink attire, marched again last Saturday, a year after the most amazing marches in the history of humankind. There were many good signs, some of rage, others aspirational. Many young girls and some boys, too, were with their moms, so it was hard not feel optimistic at the end of it.

The group in the lead was honoring Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. A description of the group that led the Seattle march is included in this link to the PBS NewsHour. I’ve read about efforts in Canada to bring more resources to bear when First Nations women go missing, but this was the most vivid effort I’ve seen to bring attention to the issue in the US. So much underlies the stories of these missing women that I hope we do focus more attention on them.

See you on the street a year from now?


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