#Die For the Dow?

Yeah, no thanks. I actually have a friend who plans on staying away from the hospital if she gets sick. But it’s not the Dow she’s worried about. She’s in her 80s and wants to make sure that younger people get the care they need. Ideally, if we can flatten the curve, we’ll be able to take care of her and younger people, too.

I plan to accept whatever treatment is offered to me because I intend to stay alive long enough to see Donald Trump voted out of office AND moved out of the White House. I don’t trust Trump as far as I could throw him. I fully expect him to try to find a way out of losing, either by cancelling the election or claiming fraud. But I also expect our military to usher him out of the White House and usher in Joe Biden. 

And speaking of Joe, I want him kept in a virus-free bubble until this thing is over. And Dr. Jill as well. This administration cannot end fast enough. 

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