Energy, Energy, Where Have You Gone?

Good grief, it’s March! Daffodils are blooming, rose bushes are pumping out new shoots, temperatures are shooting up into the 50s on good days. And what am I doing? Very little. 

I got my tax documents together and sent them to our tax person. There are supposed to be three sentences in a paragraph, but that’s about the total of the “what I’ve actually done” paragraph. Hmm, what shall I do for a third sentence?

Oh, wait! I passed a kidney stone! That should count for something, no? That only took one day, but somehow I haven’t exactly perked up since then. I’m wondering if I could have post-Covid syndrome even though I never actually caught Covid. Can just worrying about Covid take a person down? 

Normally, at this time of year, I’m itching to go shopping. I may yet do so, but my wardrobe went mostly unused last year. As I’m looking it over, scanning for possible donations, I’m finding things I’ve completely forgotten about. “Oh, I remember that. Yeah, I could wear that again someday.” But really, when one only needs to put on a t-shirt to be presentable for a Zoom meeting, getting totally dressed is almost a lost art. Of course, one needs something more than a t-shirt to go down and get the mail, but not all that much more.

Our dining room is open again, sort of. It’s only open for dinner, tables are far apart, 4 fully vaccinated friends per table max. We went there twice, once with friends, once on our own. It does feel good to get dressed for the dining room, so we will do it again.

I walked to the drug store today for some odds and ends. Camp Fire Mint Patties are available so that made it worth the trek. Got my goods and headed home. It was warm enough to take my vest off for the trek home, and that felt good. Our nearby recently remodeled corner park is almost finished. There are still orange barriers around the new grass, but that should come down soon. Good that the park employees got to work through the past year. That’s the advantage of working outdoors. 

Construction in general seems to have been going full steam ahead for the past year. Our view, such as it is, is still littered with cranes and unfinished skyscrapers working their way up to the clouds. I’ve no idea who will want to live in them, but presumably the developers know something I don’t know. 

Seattle will have a new mayor next year, and I have “Democracy Vouchers” awaiting my decision about whom to support. No one who’s currently on the city council, that’s for sure. If I could toss the bunch of them into Puget Sound today, I’d do so. As of late February, these were my options: Socialist Workers Party candidate Henry Clay Dennison: nope; Colleen Echohawk: I like her, but nope; M Lorena Gonzalez, current City Council president, so definitely nope; Rodney Holt: probably not, but I don’t know enough about him, so wait and see; Andrew Grant Houston: policy manager for current council member Mosqueda, so nope; Lance Randall: I promise to learn more before saying nope to Randall. 

Seattle Met lists a few other names; Matthew Ervin’s slogan is “Make Seattle Great Again.” Sadly, that slogan epitomizes what we need, but his website gives us no clue as to what his ideas are. William Kopatich will be “The People’s Mayor,” but also offers no information. 

Come on, folks, I’m itching to spend my Democracy Vouchers. Give me a candidate who’s grounded in reality, has some sort of useful experience, and is willing to say “No!” to a lot of really bad ideas that are floating around.

Well, now I’m turning negative, and that was not my goal today, so adios! Oops, is that cultural appropriation? Please, can I say “adios” without being cancelled? Well, bye for now.

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