Talking With Strangers

My retirement residence is full of smart, accomplished people who are mostly Democrats. We have some Republicans, including some who voted for Trump and some who didn’t, but “viewpoint diversity” is not our strong suit. After the 2020 election, I was mystified by the fact that Trump got so many votes. I set out to find some younger people online who don’t think like I do and could help me understand this phenomenon. I broadened my Twitter following, and eventually found a group willing to include me in their conversations. 

More than a few people think I’m crazy to have searched for, found, and continue to talk with a group of people who don’t agree with me on such vital matters as voting for Joe Biden, vaccines, and much more. But I continue learning from these folks, so I continue listening and talking to them and participating on a Locals channel. Today, I’m going to share something one of them shared this week in response to people expressing concern about the world falling apart. I hope you’ll read enough of it that you can understand why I feel rewarded for talking with this group of people who were once strangers, but now feel like friends. 

This was offered as a short piece, but by today’s standards, it’s what’s considered a long read. Enjoy.


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