Are You Wondering What Woke Is? Read This:

More than a few people ask me to define “woke.” I use the word often, but most of my friends and acquaintances don’t read much of what I read. I’ve been immersed in the discussions of woke ideology for a couple of years, especially since late 2019 when trans activists tried to get our public library to prevent a group of radical feminists from renting a public meeting room.

I’ve offered brief explanations of what woke means in today’s debates, but I’m offering a much more thorough explication of the term by Cathy Young. Young is an immigrant from a totalitarian society and especially attuned to threats of a totalitarian nature coming from within our own society.

“Defining Wokeness” by Cathy Young

Well, oops. I just learned that the article I linked to is for paying subscribers only. Very sorry. I almost deleted this post, but then decided to leave it up as some of you might be subscribers to Arc Digital. If you are, you should be able to access it. If you’re not, consider paying for a month’s worth of access and see what else is available there.

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