Seattle, We Have a Big Problem

OMG. A person running for office in Seattle’s non-partisan city races once filed to run for a state (sort of partisan) position where she checked “prefers Republican Party.” (Yes, Washington is weird: We have open primaries where people can vote for any candidate. Parties do not “own” their candidates and candidates can claim to prefer any party. Yes, weird, but that’s how we do things here.)

Today’s Seattle Times quotes state Senator Jaime Pedersen, who represents Seattle and is obviously a Democrat, as saying, “… it is hugely problematic to have someone, who in the middle of 2020 with everything that was going on with Donald Trump, felt comfortable filing for public office and saying she preferred the Republican Party.” I agree that someone is problematic alright. But, in my view, it’s Sen. Pedersen, not the person who “preferred the Republican Party.”

As it turns out, the problematic candidate (Ann Davison, if you haven’t figured it out by now) was paying close attention to civic matters as well as the takeover of the Democratic Party by the Woke. She was noticing our inability to address the homeless crisis, proposals to decriminalize any misdemeanors that might be related to poverty (i.e. shoplifting goods valued at up to $750/day, drug use in public areas, etc.), and the rift between the city council and the police. She actually attended a “Back the Blue” rally and was photographed with the police union president. Horrors! (Full disclosure, I was at the same rally because I was sick of attacks on police.)

I have more in common with Davison. I was initially attracted to the #WalkAway campaign of Brandon Straka. At the outset, Straka was calling attention to the degree to which the Democratic Party was lining up with social justice ideologues rather than focusing on rust belt cities, the opioid crisis, health care, and other basics. He was right, at the beginning. But as I continued to watch his campaign, it deteriorated into Trump adoration, a turn that turned off both Davison and myself. Straka, de-platformed just after the insurrection, has pleaded guilty to charges related to Jan. 6 events. Davison has not voted for Trump, and has denounced efforts to overturn the election.

The other candidate who survived the top-two primary in which the incumbent City Attorney placed third, has publicly declared “Property destruction is a moral imperative.” And then, “I have not taken any of the anti-bias training, but I sure as hell hate this country.” And to police, “Eat some Covid-laced shit and quit your jobs.” 

And to think that Senator Pedersen is having trouble choosing between these two candidates. Get a grip, Seattle. People who have checked “Prefers Republican Party” are allowed to run for office, even here. Take a moment to find out what they stand for before. I’ve been known to call for a straight Democratic ticket vote to help the Republicans get the message that we won’t tolerate any of their anti-democratic nonsense. But I will cheer when some honest Republicans can one again get elected to office. Meanwhile, the choice between Ann Davison, who is truly non-partisan, and her ridiculous opponent? That choice is an easy one. 

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