Coming to Grips With Covid

Covid is endemic. It’s never going away. So now what. 

I’m triple-vaxxed, and mentally, I’m starting to lose a bit of my anxiety. Charlie and I showed our “vaccine passports” at a Starbucks this week so we could sit down and enjoy our coffee inside. It was so simple. I don’t feel as though the authorities have invaded my medical file or taken control of my life. Rather, it was nice to take off my mask in a cafe with the understanding that others there were also vaccinated. 

Could the other patrons have cheated? I suppose so. We just had to show our QR codes, but the barista didn’t use them to actually look at our records. But I have to wonder if the people who express so much antipathy toward vaccine mandates would actually cheat and pretend to go along with the game. Maybe. Hard to tell what people will do lately.

I’m still not comfortable on city transit, at least in certain neighborhoods. But I also really want to take our light rail to our newest stations in Ravenna and Northgate. I think we’ll try it someday when the weather is decent, which it hasn’t been lately. If there are unmasked people, I guess we can just not go anywhere. 

A book I reserved is waiting for me at the library, so I want to go there soon to get it. That will be the first time in about 20 months. What a long time to go without seeing the inside of a library. Not sure how comfortable I’ll be there, but I can at least pick up the book and check it out. 

We are wearing masks at our spaced-out in person meetings here at our retirement home. Ugh. But a large indoors meeting still feels germy to me. Our dining room is open, so we eat without masks, which feels OK, but the meetings, not so much. Makes me wonder how rational I am about these situations. 

I’d love to take a train ride. Flights and cruise ships don’t interest me, but trains do. So much more relaxing than driving. If I feel safe. We’ll see.

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