Waiting for Snow

I’m a bit past the age of waiting for Santa, but I’ll never be past the age of waiting for snow. As the weather forecast evolved over this past week, I kept checking each day (actually several times a day) to see if and when snow might be in the mix. I wasn’t disappointed. Each day, the forecast grew more and more favorable for snowflakes over the weekend. 

I felt just like a kid, watching the windows all day on Saturday. We got a brief flurry during Christmas brunch in the dining room, then nothing, even though I stayed up late. (Will Santa come? WHEN will Santa come? WHY hasn’t Santa come here yet?) Eventually, I fell asleep, but when I woke up a little after 7:00, there was nothing but white outside my bedroom window! Yes, snow!

There was enough to get the snowplows up and running. Big plows were are the major streets, but we have something new this year: toy plows for the side streets! Very cool. Not sure how many we have (never enough for a big event), but this is one time it pays to live next to a hospital. 

For those of you who think Seattleites are sissies when it comes to driving in the snow, let me remind you that I had to eat humble pie after my first attempts to drive in Seattle snow. I grew up in Wyoming, so I was quite smug about my winter driving capabilities. But Wyoming has one thing Seattle doesn’t: roads that are icy cold before it snows. So when snow falls, it’s building up as snow on the roads. Compact snow is not that difficult to drive in. Tires can grip it. 

Seattle roads are almost always warm enough to melt the first snow that hits them. So snow falls, melts, then freezes, then more snow falls and begins to accumulate. Ugh! That pretty covering of snow is actually sitting atop a layer of ice – on hills! OMG. Do not call Seattle drivers sissies! If they are staying home, call them brilliant! If they are trying to drive, call them very brave! I will tolerate no insults for Seattle drivers trying to navigate snowy roads. 

Well, meanwhile, I don’t have to get out for a few days, so I’m hoping that by Wednesday, when I actually do want to go somewhere, I can do so safely. We’ll see. I’d be happy if more snow waits until Thursday, but then I’d welcome a fresh layer of fluffy flakes.

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