Still Afraid to Eat Out?

We are still eating at home. We used to eat out a lot, and I miss it. But I’m starting to rethink things a bit. I figure that after the Omicron spike I expect to see from holiday travel, it might be time to go out for dinner again.

Where does this optimism come from? Right now, serious illness is really only happening in people who are not vaccinated. We don’t know enough yet about long-covid coming after mild cases of Omicron, but I’m hoping that it will be less common than with other variants. 

What if 2022 turns into a year in which people who’ve been vaccinated are much more free to engage in regular activities, knowing that even if they catch Covid they are very unlikely to develop serious illness or die. People who are unvaccinated are free to take their chances, i.e. doing their regular activities, but running the risk of serious illness and death. I wouldn’t stay home all winter just to avoid a cold (though I’d surely move away from someone who’s coughing and sneezing!). Maybe I’ll start to regard Covid like colds and flu. 

Public transit will be the last thing that gets back to normal for me, and even if I ride again, I’ll likely keep a mask on. I don’t know why, but close quarters, no guarantee what’s in the air? Makes me squeamish. Still I hope I’ll feel more confident on transit eventually. 

Recently here, it’s been church goers who’ve been contacted by contact tracers telling them they’ve been exposed to Covid. That won’t be an issue for me. Between the unvaccinated and the church attendees, it wonder if maybe Darwin is at work in this. 

A few snowflakes would certainly help my mood. If the city gets jammed up, I’ll be fine, so Let it Snow!

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