Good News! (More Work Ahead)

Twitter (for real) brought good news this week, from Ex-Muslims of North America. Seriously. What’s more, it seems that EXMNA brought good news from the halls of Congress.

The promise of social media, enabling people to connect with like-minded people around the world, has not held up for people with organized opposition. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube respond to critics who challenge posts by banning accounts deemed offensive. Ex-Muslims, who highlight oppressive actions of Muslim-majority states and Muslim communities in the West, are frequently challenged as offensive on social medial platforms. The platforms respond by banning accounts; ex-Muslims appeal; sometimes appeals work, but the dance continues.

This press release by EXMNA will give you the details of a bi-partisan letter from four members of Congress. The letter asks Facebook to develop plans to protect religious freedom by doing two things: enabling people who lives are endangered to use pseudonyms for posting online; and protecting posts that are the target of organized efforts to shut down dissent.

If you are not aware of the struggles of ex-Muslims, there are several sources of current information. I follow Ex-Muslims of North America, Atheist Republic, and Yasmine Mohammed. Those links will lead to others.

I plan to send thank-you’s to the four members of Congress who are encouraging Facebook to pay more attention to people who are being targeted unjustly on their platform. I’ll also send a note to my representative. This is just a piece of “More Work Ahead” in my title. If you also write, perhaps others will pay attention.

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