Seattle, Support Free Speech – Here, Now


Support free speech! Please contact Seattle Public Library Executive Director Marcellus Turner at: From the front page of The Seattle Times, December 10, 2019: “Library weighs decision to offer room for event criticized as anti-trans” Yes, sadly, right here … Continue reading

Good News! (More Work Ahead)


Twitter (for real) brought good news this week, from Ex-Muslims of North America. Seriously. What’s more, it seems that EXMNA brought good news from the halls of Congress. The promise of social media, enabling people to connect with like-minded people … Continue reading

OFA Gets a Local Voice

A member of my retirement community held a meeting today to organize a local group for Organizing for Action. I’ve been on an OFA email list for years, but this is the first time I’ve been to a meeting to talk about Doing Something.

After the meeting, I went to the OFA website (, not .org – the .org will take you to an animal welfare group). There I found elements of an action network, so I will check it more often. I learned that someone nearby is organizing for an event on April 1 to support Obamacare. That’s definitely a march that I would attend, pussyhat and all.

If you want to browse their website, I’ve put ilnks to it above and in the right hand column. Consider signing up and choosing issues that you care most about. Ideally we’ll get email notices to prompt us to write letters or attend a march in support of that issue.

I’d love to know how you connect to the Resistance. Twitter? Facebook? Blogs? Email? Good old-fashioned phone tree?

Resisting at the QFC

Poor QFC manager. Not her fault, perhaps. But I’d like to see some low level managers with enough spine to resist criminal orders from their bosses. In any event, taking out my iPhone camera was enough to convince her to fix the misleading price posters on the tomatoes today.

Some days I just can’t help myself. If it’s a day when I find myself at the grocery store, then they’d better not have a big sign boasting of the low price on avocados posted in front of the boxes of tomatoes which cost a good deal more in hopes that busy shoppers will buy the tomatoes and not notice the price they’re charged at checkout.

I’ve messed with QFC before and won, and even if this was another easy win, it keeps me in practice for when I need to protest bigger things, such as a refugee ban. When I called her attention to the misleading signs, she informed me that Kroger policy required her to post the avocado sign by the tomatoes. Yikes! (But she did admit that a sign for the tomato price should be there next to it.) Well, when I left the store, I noticed that the display had only the tomato price without the avocado price. Good! Perhaps my camera helped her develop a bit of spine for the day.