How Biden Wins


Yes, of course, Joe Biden could win the 2020 election. I don’t think it’s a slam dunk, but I do think he could win. Here’s how. I’m going to assume that centrist Republicans who find Trump dangerous will actually vote … Continue reading

What’s Going On With Seattle Police?


According to Twitter, Seattle Police are out of control. They’re arresting journalists right and left, harassing everyone they encounter, and relying on crowd control tools when polite conversation would suffice. Prior to creation of the CHAZ/CHOP police-free (but not weapons-free) … Continue reading

Martin Knew Me

Please find a block of time to read the letter MLK wrote from the Birmingham jail to a group of clergy who wanted him to slow down. You might have read it some time ago, but it deserves to be read again – and again.

It dates from 1963, five years before his assassination. He expressed disappointment in all those who thought he was pushing too fast for change. Clearly, he knew my family and the many others were getting very uncomfortable. I will keep my words to a minimum so you can spend your time with his.