Pandemic Reflections #1

I have thoughts that don’t merit a whole post, so I’m tossing a bunch of them together today. Blog salad, if you will.

COVID-19 Back Ache
I saw a physical therapist today for advice about persistent back pain. I twisted an ankle a couple of weeks ago and seem to have twisted everything else in my (successful) attempt to stay upright. My usual set of exercises that I’ve used off and on over the years hasn’t accomplished the reset I’ve experienced before. X-rays revealed pretty serious arthritis in my back, but I’ve managed well enough until I signed up for the Covid-19 Couch Potato Derby. Rx: several short walks each day; return next week. And guess what: I’m not alone.

Masks and Face Coverings
Ugh. Foggy glasses. Hot. Harder to hear without the help of lip reading. Wish more people wore them. Looking forward to the day when we don’t need them. But wondering if I will ever be able to ride a bus again without one. Or be in a crowded elevator au naturale.

Retirement Home Blues
We thought we’d made a smart decision moving to our retirement home three years ago. Meals if we wanted them, gym, pool, puzzles, interesting programs, walkable to almost everything with a handy bus route if we didn’t want to walk up the hill to get home, more help available down the road should we need it.

But now, in the midst of the pandemic, I’d love to have a house with a yard, even if I had to manage all of our meals. I wish I didn’t have to worry about infecting nearly 500 others if I cross paths with an infected person when I go for a walk. I wish I didn’t have to worry about all the people my neighbors encounter or worry about all the people our employees encounter. This is a tedious place to live when our many amenities are locked up.

Screen Time
I love my computer, my phone, my iPad, all of my gadgets, but my eyes are tired! I’m reading some ebooks because I can get them, but I’m also trying to read or re-read some neglected books from my shelves to give my eyes a break. I never want to go back to pre-Internet days. But I have to take deliberate breaks from my screens during this weird time with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

Culture Wars
As talk of the pandemic was ramping up in February and March, there was either a decrease in articles and tweets about the culture wars, or I was just oblivious to them. It was a wonderful break, and I began to wonder if we would return to them after conquering Covid. I am optimistic that the virus will clarify real challenges in our society and enable us to focus on things that deserve our attention rather than things that will only continue to divide us. I might try to elaborate on my thinking in a future post.

Fever Checks
Are there people walking around with a fever who don’t know they have a fever? Everyone entering our building now gets a fever check. I went to a clinic today where people had to have a temperature check before registering their presence. Anyone without a mask got one. I have to remember to leave more time for check-in next week because the whole thing was rather tedious. Do they actually catch people who are out and about with a fever? Hmm.

Blog salad was fun for me. I’ll try it again next week.

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