Before and After

Good news! I was not the only person who didn’t like this wall. Other people fixed it before I got there, but I did do a little bit to help it along!

Yup, I’m now a graffiti artist. My walk today was to the local hardware store. I needed some guidance regarding which spray paint to buy to cover some obnoxious graffiti in my neighborhood. I only purchased one can of paint, so I’ll have to return and buy more. I’m sure I’ll need it in the future.

After I left the store, I started shaking the can to be ready to paint. But when I first came across an “ACAB” tag (ACAB = All Cops Are Bastards), I couldn’t get the top off the can. I asked three different people for help before I found someone willing to take a break from whatever and help me. Once the cap was off, I was pleased to see that others in my neighborhood are as frustrated as I am. Several spots I’d seen before were already covered.

I was still able to find several more ACABs and cover them. Then I headed for the “Kill Cops” on Pike Street between Harvard and Broadway. Again, others had already tackled this, writing over “Kill Cops” with “Love Yourself.” I was only able to contribute a little extra cover behind this message before I was out of paint.

I will restock, so I’ll be ready for more. I wouldn’t mind if the City Council would acknowledge that “All Cops Are Bastards” is a pretty disgusting rallying cry for the many council fans who demand cuts to SPD.

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