Down With Wokeness, Down With Trump, Again

My last blog post highlighted recent attempts by anti-woke liberals to nudge people to vote for Trump. The woke ideology these folks object to has other names: identity politics; cancel culture, critical race theory, critical social justice, etc. Oppression is a key word in the woke world view, which is ironic because the woke happily seek to cancel or oppress any who disagree with them; thus, they need to be challenged.

The question is this: would it be better to challenge wokeism under Biden or Trump? Trump seems to oppose wokeism. He has stated his opposition to diversity training based on Critical Race Theory. But, seriously? Are Trump’s values in any way close to the best American values? On the other hand, Biden clearly views the extension of civil rights to more and more of our people as a good thing. 

As it turns out, I’m not the only person alarmed by this push for people to vote for Trump because the left harbors an illiberal wing. As some big names in the anti-woke world have publicly announced their intention to vote for Trump, many other well known writers and intellectuals are publishing statements arguing that this is the wrong way to rein in the woke crowd.

Here are some good ones:

Why 14 Critics of “Social Justice” Think You Shouldn’t Vote Trump by Steven Pinker and 13 others

Trump is the Best Candidate for the Illiberal Left. If you hate wokeness, you should vote for Biden by Yascha Mounk

Even If You Are for Some Reason, A Liberal, Single-Issue Anti-Wokeness Voter, You Still Shouldn’t Vote For Trump by Jesse Singal

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