Two Feet and a Breath

Yes, I had a sigh of relief when the vote count put Biden over 270. Optimism got me through that long election week. Now? Now, I find myself worrying again. Biden will be our next president. On January 20, he will switch places with Trump, occupy the White House, and begin trying to put the country back together.

The delaying strategy of the Republicans, though, has me worried. This morning, I heard that 70% of people who voted for Trump are not accepting that Biden has won. News like that has an effect on me; it puts me in a dark mood.

Fortunately, I have a strategy that helps. It’s called “two feet and a breath.” I don’t meditate regularly, but this short intervention can break me out of a funk. Here’s how it’s done: whether sitting or standing, straighten up; put your two feet flat on the floor; divert your attention to your breath; breathe in deeply; breathe out slowly. Works if you’re standing in line; works if you’re waiting in the doctor’s office; works if hubby is late getting home; works if bad news breaks. It’s really quite handy.

For me, just doing this once can calm me enough to help me over a hurdle. Of course, I usually repeat this a few times before returning to “the world,” but honestly, once can break me away from a bad trajectory. Keep this in your bag of tricks if you are a person who needs to divert yourself from plunging into depression, speaking harshly when it won’t serve you well to do so, or overreacting to events you have no control over. It’s a bit like the serenity prayer, but you don’t have to remember the words;-)

Two Feet and a Breath. That’s it. 

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