We Had An Election. Yes, We Did!

Well, that was one doozy of an election. Shall we say, the results are open to interpretation? The two Senate seats to be decided in early January will determine who controls the Senate and whether or not Biden can accomplish anything via legislation. Biden clearly won the presidency, but why were there no coattails?

Who am I to speculate, but here I go anyway! 

I mostly align with those who think that half the country is more worried about defunding the police, or some other social thing, than they are about Trump completely wrecking our government. Perhaps it’s the threat of mask mandates to protect against an illness they don’t regard as all that much of a threat. Perhaps it’s immigration; perhaps it’s fear of a globalist agenda that leads to wage stagnation. Perhaps they just love Donald Trump, and just don’t love people who regard their hero as a container for all bad things. 

Once Trump returned to having rallies, my optimism began to tank. There’s just something about his ability to rev people up with the “Lock ‘em up!” chants that obliterates any hope of reasoning with his fans. I also didn’t hear much about health care, apart from the coronavirus, from the Dems. This was the winning issue in 2018, and I was surprised it wasn’t more of a theme this year. Are people really oblivious to Republican’s attempts to take health care away from them? Do people not understand the norms that Trump disregarded? Do they think norms are elitist and need to be trampled? I do sense an anti-elitist element in Trump’s support.

One split that deserves some reflection is the Republican appeal to voters without college degrees and the Democratic appeal to those with degrees. Hmm. I suspect some of this goes back to NAFTA; people with degrees have done quite well since then. But wages for people displaced by off-shoring only began to climb after Trump shut down immigration. If Democrats can focus on infrastructure and keeping the manufacture of essential products at home, perhaps they can win the trust of some anti-globalists. 

So much depends on those two Senate races in Georgia. With a tiny majority in the Senate, the Dems can patch up Obamacare, pass more pandemic relief measures, and approve a strong cabinet for Biden. Without that majority, we might as well crown Mitch McConnell King of the Colonies. The Dems had plenty of money for their campaigns this time around, so that’s not the problem. More likely, their message missed the mark and got drowned out by, “Lock ‘em up!”

Trump will go. Biden will become President on January 20. And much else remains to be seen.

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