What Now, Democrats?

I watched the whole thing last night, and yes, I’m referring to the debate with some of the remaining Democrats running for president. I’ve missed most of the others because I just can’t stand the format; big questions remain unasked and unanswered (foreign relations, for one example). 

The primary reason I watched was to see how Bloomberg would fare, but mostly what I found cringeworthy was how convenient it was for all the other candidates to have him there as a punching bag. FWIW, I’m of the opinion that Bloomberg might actually fare well against Trump, partly because I know several moderate Republicans who would welcome Bloomberg. 

After trying to sleep off the effects of watching the debate, I woke up this morning thinking that a Biden/Klobuchar ticket might be just what we need. Seriously, Joe Biden looks really, really good to me this morning. My time as a Bernie fan lasted about five minutes until it was replaced by a fondness for Elizabeth Warren. At some point that faded, and I began paying attention to Amy Klobuchar. Before long, I settled on Michael Bennet, a person I’d still love to see at the head of the ticket. Then he dropped out, and I was back to Amy. But really, why not Joe Biden?

From the outset, Biden has pitched himself as reset button, someone who could get us back to having a normal person in the White House. It’s absolutely true that unless the Dems keep the House and regain the Senate, no one can restore us to a functional government. But Biden in the Oval Office would certainly bring back some sense of normality. That, I think, is worth a lot. He would almost certainly choose a female running mate, and that would be worth a lot, too. He might not say it, but I doubt he has plans for two terms, and that’s worth something, too.

Biden/Warren could keep some Bernie Bros in the tent. I also think it would position Warren to push the best of her ideas while checking her on some others. Biden/Klobuchar would give us a chance to ponder Klobuchar in a different setting to see if she really has what it takes to tackle the top job. 

What do you think?

1 thought on “What Now, Democrats?

  1. I’m in despair. The debate was a circular firing squad in which everyone seemed to end up somehow disqualified. The winner: Trump. Tom Perez needs to pressure the moderates to unite behind one candidate so that Bernie doesn’t win the nomination by a plurality and lose the election. Besting Trump has to be the priority. A wildeyed, arm-waving, self-declared socialist would never win. History lesson: McGovern.

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