Michael Bennet for President

I’ll be quick about this. I want you to support Michael Bennet for President.

You might think he has dropped out of the Democratic primary race because he wasn’t on stage last week, but he’s still running. If he shows up in any polls, he’s down there around 1%. So I’m just being quixotic. Yet every person I’ve persuaded to check out Michael agrees that he would be a breath of fresh air. He would totally change the political atmosphere. And if Mitch McConnell were still in charge of the Senate (please, no) the contrast between McConnell and Bennet would make it obvious to all who really cares about America.

Please, go to his website, watch the videos, donate some money, send this post on to everyone who cares about our country. Let’s keep Michael in this race. Let’s nominate him for President. And if you know anyone in New Hampshire, send them a personal note as well. Remember, that’s Bennet with one “t” For President.

1 thought on “Michael Bennet for President

  1. Yes, he would be good. Moderate and decent. Cares about kids and education. Any hope? I haven’t seen a petition to put him on our state ballot. Also not recieving e-mails.

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