Are We Liberals Afraid to Criticize Islam?


Hello, Secular Humanists! This is different. But it is an attempt to stay in touch during trying times. After you read this post and watch the video, please, please share some comments! You can even comment on comments! That’s what … Continue reading

Achievement Gaps Abound


I read an article this morning that was not about the coronavirus: The Misleading Racial Achievement Gap Statistic. Yes, I do take a break from binging on bad news periodically, but this article was still a version of bad news. … Continue reading

Martin Knew Me

Please find a block of time to read the letter MLK wrote from the Birmingham jail to a group of clergy who wanted him to slow down. You might have read it some time ago, but it deserves to be read again – and again.

It dates from 1963, five years before his assassination. He expressed disappointment in all those who thought he was pushing too fast for change. Clearly, he knew my family and the many others were getting very uncomfortable. I will keep my words to a minimum so you can spend your time with his.